Misfits by Garrett Leigh | Book Review

This was a story about a polyamorous relationship forming. You start off with Cas and Tom who are extremely in love with each other , but have an open relationship. Tom meets a guy named Jake and brings him home for sex. Jake wakes from an awesome night of sex with Tom only to see Tom has gone into work. Then he meets Tom’s partner Cass. He’s definitely surprised and initially wants nothing to do with the open relationship Tom and Cass has, but life has other plans.

Like I said Tom and Cass are in an open relationship. So when Tom has sex with Jake it’s not cheating. Even though that’s what Jake initially thinks when he finds out about Cass. It’s something that wasn’t difficult for me to understand, but I can see how others might struggle with it. I’d still tell you to give the book a shot even if you thought you might struggle.

I did not know what to expect going into this story. I’d never read a story where the couple had a relationship quite like Cass and Tom’s.I’ve read other stories with characters in an open relationship, but this was really different. Every interaction said so much even when I was still questioning the strength of Cass and Tom’s relationship.

I didn’t understand why they  ever decided to open up their relationship at first.By the end I think I had a good answer for that. Cass and Tom loved each other, but they were still broken. It was really great seeing them go on this journey. I feel like they were pieced back together in the end. I don’t think that was just because of Jake becoming part of their lives.

I definitely think Jake helped. Jake is really honest about what he is feeling  even if it’s not intentional sometimes.I think that’s something that Tom and Cass needed.  I loved seeing how Jake dealt with his tics. I’d never read a character with TS before and really enjoyed getting to do it in this story. i also enjoyed seeing how differently Tom and Cass were with dealing with Jake.

Cass was the most mysterious of the three for me. He often said things that felt kind of sardonic. Part of it may be that we don’t get his perspective until the end, but I enjoyed that it took us some time to get him. When you learn more about his past it all clicks for me. I understand why his relationship with Tom seems so broken at times.

I really loved seeing all three of the characters develop individually and together over time. Jake’s connection to Tom was instant, but I liked seeing his connection to Cass grow over time. It was a really beautiful story.

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