Richard II – Shakespeare Review


I really don’t talk about classics enough so I think it’s time to talk about some of the Shakespeare I’ve read this year. First my most recent read. Richard II. I’m gonna be honest with you. I picked up my Complete Pelican Shakespeare just because I wanted to read Richard Ii this time around. I knew I wanted to see the movie because one of my favorite actors play Richard II. I’m obsessed with Ben Whishaw and so I needed to get through the play before watching the film.

I have to say the play did make me pretty excited to see the film. Richard II was another ruler who became too focused on the things that ruling brought him.  He makes some decisions that seem unjust. These actions ultimately lead to him being usurped of his throne. I didn’t fully see Richard as a bad guy in this. He seemed misguided by his notions. The belief that God chose him to rule affects things.

I love Shakespeare’s morally gray characters. Richard makes decisions that don’t really seem at all planned. I really don’t think Richard thinks ahead to the consequences his actions could have or cares. All his decisions are the right ones to him. He sees himself as God’s chosen king. God can’t be wrong so neigh can any of Richard’s actions. It’s probably a fun way to rule. Richard definitely seemed to enjoy it while it lasted. I feel like He’s such a complex character. I really enjoyed following him in this story.

When he banishes Bolingbroke he is somewhat backed into a corner with not many options. I was really rooting for Bolingbroke, though. I love a good revenge story. Take back your fortune and the crown too since everyone is backing you for that now.  he just wanted what was rightfully his. I find it ironic that Richard uses this ideology to convince himself of all the decisions he makes being righteous in order to take away what is rightfully someone else.

I have to question why the people are so quick to rally to Bolingbroke’s side. There are the unjust decisions to look at but I wonder about other things with Richard. He is a King that shies away from violence or sentencing people to death. Instead, he will banish people. At times where it would be best for him to kill them outright. He would have kept his throne much longer if he got rid of Bolingbroke instead of letting him flee for instance. I don’t even fully know where I’m going with this but I just would love to see more theories about Richard and his council.

I love Shakespeare’s language. This play was not an exception. Really nice sounding lines. I can’t wait to watch thew movie and see what the actors do with this play. Especially excited for some of the speeches. The last monologue we get of Richard in particular. So excited to see Ben Whishaw’s delivery.




Books I Read in One Sitting

This week’s Top 5 Wednesday topic is books you read in one sitting. This is something I often end up doing when I read. Especially if I’m really excited for the book beforehand. Here’s five books i read in one sitting.


More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera – If I pre-order a book I will often end up reading it in one sitting. This was a book I pre-ordered really early. It was an emotional and psychological roller coaster for me.


Blood of Olympus – I was so excited to get this book I couldn’t put it down once I started. I paced around while reading for part of it and I think my family thought I was crazy.


The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal by E.K. Weaver – I wasn’t planning on reading this whole comic in one sitting. It was late and I wanted to sleep, but it was too good to stop at volume one.


Becoming Chloe by Catherine Ryan Hyde – This one was close. I read the majority of it on a train ride to see my fiance and finished it the second we got to his dorm. This book has really compelling characters.


Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare – Partially read this in one sitting because it was for school. I also just needed to get to the end because of how crazy it was once I started. This is Shakespeare’s bloodiest play and it’s awesome. This is not something you want to read before dinner. Trust me.

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: All Time Favorite Authors

This is my list of All Time Favorite Authors for Top Ten Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday is created by . You can watch my video at the bottom of this post or just look at the list right here on the blog.

1. David Levithan- I have loved every single thing that I’ve read by this author. He is someone that really inspired me to want to be a writer. I’m sort of obsessed with this man.

2. Shakespeare- I will one day read the entirety of my complete pelican Shakespeare. I don’t like everything Shakespeare wrote, but his plays have been some of my favorite things to study during college.

3. Brent Hartinger- Brent Hartinger is the author of the Russel Middlebrook series, which  love. He is also the creator of the Real Story Safe Sex Project. That project has really helped a lot of young gay and bisexual men.

4. Tamora Pierce- Tamora Pierce is on this list because her book series The Circle OF Magic is what got me hooked on reading back in fifth grade. I’ve been on a journey with those characters ever since.

5. Rick Riordan- I loved the Percy Jackson series and really really loved Heroes of Olympus series. I will be first in line to get a book from the new series coming out this year because I can hardly wait to read it.

6a. Joseph Glass- Joseph glass is the creator of the comic book series the Pride,which I’m only shortly into, but I still love it. Since he is a comic book writer I wasn’t sure if he should really be in this list so I’m making him a number 6 optional thing.

6b. Laura Halse Anderson- The first story I read by Laura was Twisted and I was hooked. She is one of the great YA writers for sure.

7. Robin Reardon- I first read Robin’s book The Evolution of Ethan Poe. The story really affected me. I needed a reading break after finishing to just process all the issues and how well she handled it. Robin Reardon is an excellent writer who can accomplish anything she puts her mind to.

8. Carrie Vaughn- If you haven’t started the Kitty and the Midnight Hour series then you should go check it out. It’s a badass werewolf girl with a radio show.Carrie Vaughn is great.

9. Thomas Middleton- I love this playwright. I did my senior paper on servitude in one of his plays. He’s just fantastic. Go read The Changeling.

10. Terence Blacker – The Angel Factory was my first sci-fi read. I’m working on my own sci-fi novel now. I attribute my love of sci-fi to Terrence Blacker’s excellent story.