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Merlin’s Moon by Annabelle Jay


Half-human, half-dragon Mani hatched from an egg and was adopted by Allanah, a human woman who discovered him after the death of his dragon mother. He possesses abilities he’s only beginning to understand, and every night he takes the form of a blue dragon.

When Mani’s secret is revealed, he takes refuge at the wizard Mansion. There, he encounters the Animal Guard, a group of people who share his affliction. But the members of the Animal Guard are under a curse by the sorceresses, and they need Mani’s aid to break the spell and resume their human forms. Growing romantic feelings for the wolf-boy Lup convince Mani to offer his help, but Mani’s own developing powers might destroy any chance at a relationship. The world of magic is changing, and as Mani and his friends fight to stop the evil sorceresses from using the deadly North Star, they must figure out what places they will hold when the battle is over.

This is a really interesting fantasy world. That also includes some science fiction elements at some points. I liked following Mani’s character. He struggles with being himself in a world with no one like him. Because he turns into a dragon at night his best friend can’t ever truly understand him. Then when he finds people that might be like him it’s not what he thinks it should be. I liked his arc a lot. I liked that his sexuality wasn’t a big deal. It’s just part of his character. His struggles had more to do with witches, curses, and dragon transformations. That worked out well in the story.

I loved Mani’s moms. There are two. In the first book of the Sun Dragon series, you get to see how they get together. I feel like going back to read that book because I really liked them a lot. I feel like they realized Mani as well as you could raise an adopted half dragon half wizard boy.

I thought the relationship between Mani and Lup was kind of weird. It could have been developed better. I get that they had a connection that was hard to really show. because of the way their transformations worked. It was interesting. I just think as the story went on it fell to the wayside. That may have to do more with the big twisty nature of this book, though.

There are two different time hops in this book after a big reveal or twist in the story. I felt like things moved way too fast there. i understood some characters would die during the time jump, but it didn’t work. It needed to slow dow. Certain deaths needed more time. They were central characters to the main characters and to the series I think. I felt like I was wondering what the point of going through everything before that twist was.

Mani meeting the characters he met on his journey so far and his little development of a relationship with Lup didn’t feel like it mattered then. The second time hop was too much. I honestly wished it had ended before that. This story was all over the place by the end. The twist was interesting and different than things I’ve read before. I just wished the story was still executed well after it.

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A Very Pokemon TBR #ReadThemAllThon

I’m doing the  Pokemon Indigo League #ReadThemAllThon that was created by ReadAtMidnight. Go check out their awesome blog. PokemonGo is my obsession of the month right now so this came up at a good time.There are eight challenges for the readathon that runs for three weeks I believe. Not sure if I will do all the challenges because I am really a mood reader,but I’ve picked out some books for each anyway. Started one of these books early because it was a library book and I had to return it by the  14th. So I’ve already got one done.




This badge applies to  like every book that I read. Seriously. Look at the last three books I reviewed. If I have to pick one thing, though. I’m going with this one because it’s queer and nerdy. Also, the other books that fit here fit other places better.

30518773Recieved this from Netgalley. So excited to read it. Haven’t hit my dragon quota for the year yet.



Not sure if this book is post-apocalyptic. It is a dystopia. I’ve wanted to read it for a while.

Super excited to take part in this event. If you are participating to then let me know in the comments down below. Will have a wrap-up video for this on my channel ChrisVIgilante when this finishes up. Hopefully, I can get to most of the books.