Comics, LGBTQIA+

Life With Kevin #1


Kevin’s made his big move to the Big Apple! He’s got his own place, he’s starting his internship on the production team at a high-profile news channel — Kevin’s really got it all together… or does he? Will his first day in NYC be a dream come true or will the big city eat him alive? Kevin will learn one thing for sure: when it comes to city living, expect the unexpected!

I really liked this a lot. Kevin is out of college and has moved to New York city. He thinks his internship will lead him to where he wants to go with journalism. He’s young, excited, and naive. This comic was able to be fun and quite funny while Kevin was having the worse first day ever for a while there. Excited for the next one because of the hints of a possible romance for Kevin that I actually like. I was not a fan of Kevin’s boyfriend in the last Kevin Keller comic I read so I’m very happy he’s starting over in NYC. Fingers crossed for him. Hope I like the next comic.



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