Comics, LGBTQIA+

Kevin Keller: Welcome To Riverdale


Kevin has some love interest in this set. He’s going on his first date and getting tips from Archie and friends. Kevin had bad luck on dates and is generally just kind of awkward as it is when it comes to dating. It was nice to see since he does come across at just kind of good at everything kind of character at times.

At one point he gets a secret admirer and I was rooting for it so hard. Hoping all the best things. Definitely want this to be followed up on in future issues. The whole thing was too cheesy but these comics are cheesy and I just love it.

I really ship Kevin with someone he probably won’t ever be with and it makes me sad. I can’t even explain without spoiling but just know I have so many feels reading this.

Loved that there was some variation to the way the homophobic characters are written. I swear I keep saying the same thing in every story with a queer character. I felt like you see different levels in this a little.Not much. It could be better but at least there was some.

Overall I really enjoyed this set of Kevin Keller stories.

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