Queer Book Blogs

I don’t follow many book blogs that feature a lot of LGBTQIA books.I’ve only recently really looked around for some as I’ve been working on this blog.I still wanted to give a shoutout to the ones that I do follow and enjoy separately from the Booktubers in my other post. Definitely, check out all of the sites I  link to because they are really great. If you have any recommendations for me please link them in the comments. I’d like to do a blogroll of queer blogs one day for everyone.

The Boy Who Cried Books

Last year Joseph did a queer reading year where he only read queer books. On his blog he reviewed all the books he read during the year. He still reviews the books he’s reading this year that feature queer content.This may be my favorite Tumblr page. I’ve gotten so many great book recommendations from Joseph. Go check it out. Joseph has a Booktube channel as well with great videos.

I feel this was a great Tumblr find for me. It features news about queer lit. There is an LGBTQ booklist and thoughts on LGBTQ books all from an awesome queer librarian. Definitely, check out the Queer Hogwarts House Reads.


Had to recommend one Bookstagram with this group. Luce reads a lot of great queer literature. Her recommendations from her Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram are always great. Also, Luce’s Bookstagram pics are just really good. Definitely, one of my favorites that I follow.

This blog is all about empowering LGBTQ teens and their allies.There is a big queer book list. There is information on diversity and publishing as Lee Wind is a writer himself. There are so many great posts on this blog you could be going through it for hours finding more and more fantastic information.

I'm Here.  I'm Queer.  What the Hell do I read?



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