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The Cat In The Cradle Book Review


Dueling with mad magicians, battling possessed beasts, and surviving endless hostile landscapes? Easy. Loving someone you weren’t supposed to? That was hard. A faceless killer terrorizes the five lands, extinguishing from great distances the lives of even the most powerful men. It is from this murderer that Dylan is forced to flee. Only Tyjinn, a brash and unpredictable bodyguard, stands between Dylan and certain death. Rather than play it safe, Tyjinn makes an unusual proposal; to hunt the hunter. This isn’t the only unorthodox idea he puts forth as an attraction blooms between the two young men. In the midst of uncountable obstacles and unforgiving odds, can Dylan really afford to recognize his own feelings?

This book has a really interesting magic system. Ten different kinds of magic recognized by color. All with two components. I was very happy that we were able to find out what each color did and meet the oligarchs that control the colors to get a sense of all the magic in this world by the end.Of course, we definitely don’t see all that they can do, though.I’m sure we will see more of it actively in the second book. I really loved how different and eccentric the Oligarchs were. It makes me wonder how each of them became Oligarchs.

This book is so fast for the majority of the first a hundred or so pages. It’s action, action, action. Dylan does not really get a moment to rest for long without something happening. The pace evens out a bit around midway through the book I’d say. As more and more about what’s happening to the Oligarchs is revealed and about who the villain is. You get some time to process things along with Dylan and try to figure out how the group will be able to survive all this. At the end, I definitely thought things sped up again. Really right around Lali’s last chapter focusing on her.

I liked the romance in this book. I kind of ship it,but that might just be because it’s queer and magical. For the majority of the book you really can’t tell how things could work out between them and I liked that. Dylan’s fear of coming out because of his past experience has him push Tyjinn away. Then when he might be ready to stop doing that Tyjinn kind of flips the switch on him and the readers. Definitely didn’t expect that kind of story arc for Tyjinn. I think I wasn’t super invested because of my opinions on Tyjinn shifting so much throughout the book. There also isn’t a lot of time devoted to their relationship growth because so much is happening plot-wise, which I really was fine with.

Dylan’s reaction to a certain death wasn’t explored enough for me. I knew the character had a connection and major past experiences with Dylan and it didn’t seem like it affected him as much as it should. It may be because of the circumstances of the death and the way that Dylan learned of the death or just how much else was going on. Still, felt it should have been more.I don’t know.

Lali’s character is a badass no doubt about that and there are definitely some interesting layers to her.I really actually liked the first chapter we were given focusing on her. At first, it seemed random to me. It’s pretty focused on Dylan entirely before that. I just wanted more since we were getting her perspective in these little bursts throughout the book. There are big periods between things happening for her. It could be a little disorienting. To be for her last solo point in the book for her is also pretty disorienting for her as well honesty. I definitely loved seeing Lali’s application of orange magic as the book went on. Orange magic interest me from the first time it was mentioned in the book. I wanted to know what it was and how it was used.

Excited to see where things go in the second book. Really not sure where they will go after thisJust hoping everyone survives.


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