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Becoming Nicole by Amy Ellis Nutt Book Review


The inspiring true story of a transgender girl, her identical twin brother, and an ordinary American family’s extraordinary journey to understand, nurture, and celebrate the uniqueness in us all, from the Pulitzer Prize–winning science reporter for The Washington Post

This book was really wonderful. It follows the story of the Maines’ family. Starting with the parents and their background. We learn how they met and how they ended up adopting twins. Then we see the long journey of trying to accept that one of the twins is transgender and after they accepted it we see the family take a fight they’d been having over their child’s rights to a public level. This was a rollercoaster of a book for me. You will have a really heartwarming moment in the Maines’ lives followed not long after by some unforeseen setback. it kept taking me up and down there,which is likely how the family felt on this journey as more obstacles showed up for them.

I really appreciate the work the author had to put into this. I can easily see how much work was put in. The amount of interviewing, note taking, and researching done is appreciated.

I liked that there were full sections separate,but not separate from the family’s story. Sections where we are able to get more information on transgender history, laws,accounts of what other transgender people went through, etc. One that strangely stood out to me was a section on a doctor that helped homeless teens and often ended up working with LGBT homeless teens because of the high percentage of LGBT teens among the young homeless population. It was a short chapter really but it stood out to me.

I also really like that the story really does show the whole family. There was a period of time where I was wondering about Nicole’s brother Jonas was going through and right after that thought we got a chapter on how Jonas was processing things. I thought this book’s layout really worked. It covered a lot of ground in a short time and did so really well. Definitely, would recommend it.


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