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Money Boy by Paul Yee Review


This book takes place over the course of just seven days of Ray’s life. We see him get kicked out for being gay and we see him become a male escort. I ended up giving this story 3 stars I felt the plot was interesting. I liked that the story centered on an Asian character and family. I thought the elements of the story that talked about immigration and his family history. The comparison to other families like theirs. There were little things that worked well.

The biggest problem I had with this was the pacing. It didn’t really work for me. I also felt like the issues could have been gone into more thoroughly.It talks about coming out, homelessness, and immigration. I don’t feel like any  of them are hit on really well.

The main character Ray is also just too aloof. He is kicked out of his house and doesn’t ever seem to understand the severity of his situation. No matter the many bad things that happen to him along the way.It became annoying at one point.

I did really like the ending, though. It felt really hopeful.There were some great comedic moments in parts of the book and one of the best ones is near the ending. I just felt like there could have been so much more based on the premise of the story.

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Review of Outsiders by Tammy Ferebee

26143921First off I really need to applaud this book for how greatly diverse it is. The main character is a black. The other two main characters are mixed and Dominican. This book felt really real for me. This is the type of ethnic environment I grew up in.The language used felt appropriate. I don’t ever see this in books of this genre.

The book also had some religious diversity. When I heard that the main character was an Atheist I immediately wanted to read this.I have not read enough books with an atheist main character. I’ve read books where religion is unmentioned by the main character, but not ones where they discuss being asexual. Jaylen is also surrounded by religious character as she has to enroll in a Catholic school.I loved seeing her have to interact with religious people because it wasn’t a big deal. Interfaith friendships and relationships happen don’t have to be difficult to have.

The story felt like it could have been kind of just a contemporary story about a girl that is forced to go to a new school after something unfortunate, makes new friends, gets a love interest, and a possible enemy. Except then you add in the fact that the girl is special. She has abilities that aren’t like other people but doesn’t know what she is. I really enjoyed the sci-fi elements of this story. I was able to figure out some of it, but was completely surprised by some of it as well. I did wish that we were able to get a bit more on it, though.

Teen angst can be a draining thing to read depending on how it’s written.Jaylen’s POV definitely wasn’t an exception to that for me. It felt different than in some other books that have this issue for me, but there were definite points in the book where I just wanted to get through to something else.

I also was not feeling the connection Jaylen and Michael enough. I really wanted to but it wasn’t fully there for me yet.It may have just been the pace of it. It isn’t instalove, but I still didn’t feel it work enough for them to go to the lengths they do.

Sometimes Michael would be a little frustrating to read. I felt like the way he did things was realistic, but I he just frustrated me a lot at certain points. I wasn’t really a fan of his character from the beginning and nothing in his dialogue made me care for him ever. This was a little bit of a problem since he really is the second important character to the plot. I liked Josh, and Ayana more even though they are side characters we don’t see too much of.

At the end, there are just enough questions unanswered to leave you wanting more.I’m ready to learn more about what Jaylen is. Among a few other things. I won’t mention them because it would be spoiling something. I will say that I’m intrigued by the conflict that is set up in the end of all this, though. I also definitely think that I will continue with the series when the next book is released.