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Untouchable by S.A Starcevic: Book Review


Halfway through I was sad, but only because I knew it was too short. I wanted more time in this world because I was really enjoying my time in it.I just wanted to magically delay the ending of it somehow. I paused at the halfway point and just wished it could be longer. Still a great debut from S.A. Starcevic.

Untouchable is in one of the niche genres I am obsessed with. LGBT novels with characters that have superpowers make me really happy. Even when they aren’t the happiest stories.  This one definitely left me feeling happy.

This one felt different than most I’ve read. Ethan has no qualms about being open about his sexuality in the book. Even once he arrives at the superhero training base. It’s not something he’s even a little insecure about and I really liked that.

I really enjoyed S.A. Starcevic’s writing style. .The scenes were set well.I loved the way the characters were described. I thought the way Ethan saw things was really realistic for someone his age. There were some really witty moments as well.

I really loved the characters. I mean all the characters. The scene with Ethan’s parents was wonderful. I felt like my parents would react somewhat similarly if someone took a questionable superhero base. We see the other superheroes for a short period in the story and I found myself loving them as well. The description of them made me wish I could see more of them.

Gravity Girl  in particular was not the way i expected a superhero to act off the clock. I liked getting her perspective because it was the only way to see that interaction since Ethan wasn’t there. She’s a really cool character.I do wish we had gotten someone else’s at least once like Greyson or more of hers since it felt odd just having the one perspective switch. I would have loved to see more of her interactions with Greyson and Ethan. I’d really love knowing how Element Boy and Gravity Girl first met and if it was in costume or as their other identities. They seemed close so I’d like to see how they got there.

The romance in this book was really sweet. I loved it, but definitely wished I could either see  it develop more over some time or see some of Greyson’s perspective. I wanted to understand what they both were feeling.

I usually am totally okay with things being standalones, but I would definitely buy the follow-up if there was one for this. I ended up giving this a 4 star ranking. Loved the characters, plot, and writing style so much. I just wish I’d been able to see more development in some areas. Really hope to read something of more substantial length from this author in the future.


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