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Book Review: The Rise and Fall of The Theater Geek


Broadway, New York. The shows, the neon lights . . . the cute chorus boys! It’s where Justin has always wanted to be–and now, with a winter internship for a famous actor, he finally has his chance to shine. If only he could ditch his kind, virtuous, upright, and–dare he say it?—uptightboyfriend, Spencer. But once the internship begins, Justin has more to worry about than a cramped single-guy-in-the-city style. Instead of having his moment in the spotlight, he’s a not-so-glorified errand boy. Plus, Spencer is hanging out with a celebra-hottie, Justin’s best friend Becky isn’t speaking to him, and his famous actor boss seems headed for flopdom. Justin’s tap-dancing as fast as he can, but all his wit and sass might not be enough to switch his time in New York from nightmare-terrible to dream-come-true terrific.

I did not finish this book at about 54% before skimming through the rest to see if it got any better. Justin is probably the most selfish and egotistical character I’ve ever read. This story sounded really fun and like it could be interesting , but the main character was unbearable. He gets called out on his selfish behavior and reacts with that big ego he has. He is obsessed with a guy who dumps him, even though  he was planning on dumping the guy anyway.He uses people’s and lies without any real remorse.

He became so unlikable to the point that a turnaround for his character wouldn’t work. The point of no return was hit.It’s like what the show Arrow did to Helena Bertinelli.If his friends forgive him by the end of the book and he has some big turn around it won’t be believable. If his world ended in shambles I’d like this book because that’s what Justin deserved.It wasn’t heading in that direction. I couldn’t even enjoy the mystery aspect of the book because of how aggravating the character was. Really unfortunate considering I was looking forward to reading this. 


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