Book Reviews

M/M eBook Reviews in May #2

Birthday Burglar by K.A Merikan


I’m a big fan of making sure you have consent for things. Even if you like spontaneity you need to make sure you talk out the roles you are comfortable with and what type of situations are okay in a relationship. pretending to be a burglar for kinky a sex is okay when your partner has expressed tat they want it. This book makes me uncomfortable from the beginning, but I did like the differences in the characters and was happy it worked itself out. Still I’ve got to give it two stars.

Taken by My Gay College Roommate and His Friends: (A Reluctant Taboo Gay Erotic Short Story) by Hunter Brookes. 


This was good for an erotica. it has group sex that I found was written well. Ben is sort of forced into the sexual experience though. He is attracted to his roommate and his roommates friends, but it still has the opportunity to make you uncomfortable. Think about your comfort levels with something like this before you read it.

Gay Rebel: The Biker Next Door by Jesse Fuchs


Gay Rebel was a hot, but I didn’t like that the main character gets a gang bang for his first time though. There is no way that would have been really comfortable for him. There also wasn’t much of a story, but there are six books in the series. I’m sure there is more build up to something later on.

Gay Sex Confessions #1: Screwing My Hot, Older Neighbor by Rod Mandelli


This is  muscle twink erotica.It gets into the sex pretty quickly with a little plot. There is a a young guy lusting over his new neighbor. This is the first time I’ve read a story with beer play in and I really enjoyed that part. It definitely wasn’t my favorite erotica, but I will try to read more from the writer.





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