Book Reviews

M/M eBook Reviews for May #1

Hidden Talents by  Claire Cray


Hidden Talents is part 1 of a serialized set by Claire Cray. This story ends kind of abruptly. We get a major introduction to the character of Jin. We understand he has some kind of obsession with Ken right away. There is a sex scene that actually made me uncomfortable between Jin and another character. It was a really weird story.I think the switches in perspective hurt the story more than it helped it.I couldn’t find myself  really getting attached to any of the character’s stories. I like the concept behind the Talents( the people with abilities) in this, but that wasn’t nearly enough to make me want to read the next 7  little novellas in this series. It could be for you though the book was free so if you like super powered people and gay sex go check it out.

Language Lessons by Jay Bell


This is the story of Joey. Joey is a have sex with them and leave them kind of guy. He doesn’t do boyfriends and relationships. He never has trouble getting laid. That is until he meets Phillip. Phillip is the type of guy who is all about having a connection to someone and therefore doesn’t want to get involved with Joey. After Joey sets up two guys that he knows he realizes that he might want something more.It’s not that easy though. You’ll have to read to find out. I will say that I did really enjoy this story. Jay Bell is becoming one of my favorite authors.

Let Me Invest In You by Desiree Silver 


I really liked this story. I think Paul and William both needed each other. Their romance was interesting. Not the most natural romance, but I didn’t mind.  The two had both been through some interesting relationships and I liked that they found each other through their business because you can see how much Paul focused on his work.  I loved  William’s ex-wife Maddie. Really great side character that I felt attributed something to the story. The section at the end with the reporters felt really weird to me though. I felt like they were telling them a bit much. overall it was a great story.


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