Book Reviews

May Audiobook Reviews

I had never listened to an audiobook until this month. The first one went so well that I decided to look for another and that one was also pretty great. It was a good thing that I started off with books that I felt like I would love if I read them. I’d always wanted to read Like and Subscribe by Jay bell, but after downloading the eBook I  never got around to it. hero by Perry Moore is also a book that I’d really wanted to read for a while. I’ll definitely see if I can get some more audiobooks in the future. I liked being able to listen while I cleaned my house or while I was working on some other projects that still allowed me to focus on the story being told. As for the individual stories keep ahead for reviews of the books.

LIke And Subscribe by Jay Bell


Jay Bell is a really fun writer.He writes really great characters and romances that you want to root for. Like and Subscribe is about a guy that is absolutely obsessed with a Youtuber. When he meets that Youtuber in person he finds out that he might have been putting the guy on too big a pedestal. The romance that does develop in this story is wonderful. I didn’t really expect it when the story began, but I was definitely there for it.

The Audiobook was narrated by Kevin R. Free and I absolutely loved the way he did the voices of all the characters. Especially the main character’s best friend Julie. At first I thought it was a bit exaggerated, but really grew to love it. I liked the narration of this book a lot more than in the second audiobook I read.

Hero by Perry Moore


I always wanted to read hero. It has a gay main character named Thom and a world with superheroes. I loved the concept of this book. Thom is the kid of a disgraced superhero. he has the ability to heal people and the desire to be the heroes he obsesses over. After an incident Thom gets a chance to try out for the superhero league. Except Thom also has to hide his sexuality from his teammates and his father who hates gay people just as much as he hates superheroes.The parallels made between being a super hero and having a secret identity to being a gay person in the closet were great. It was a lovely book that made me wish that Perry was still around to keep writing amazing novels like this one.

As for the quality of the audiobook. The audio was really clear and it felt like the narration of some old tv shows I use to watch with my father. The narrator didn’t really change his voice much between characters though, which gave me a laugh anytime Scarlet was speaking. Still, I really grew to enjoy it by the end of the story.

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