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The Game Master of Somerville Book Review


This was a really fun mystery. It was fast paced and easy to read It had some great twist. My favorite thing is the characters. The young amateur detectives who keep finding things out before the cops can even if their parents tell them to stay away. The relations between the members in the group are great. the main character Jerry had insecurities that felt realistic for a teenager in high school.

Even though this is the second book in the series we get enough info on the previous book for it to be a great stand alone. I was told this before, but I felt like i would be more confused jumping into this one. We learned what we needed to know from the first one right at the intro.

At the end of the book I wished I could have gotten more from some of the characters . We got too much info on Kevin for me considering that it didn’t do much for the plot of this story. I’d much rather see more about Kate, Ash, Nick or even Jason. Maybe I need to just go read the first one to learn more on them though. Hopefully we will see more of those characters in the next one, especially since there are some questions after that ending.


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