Book Reviews

Sam Dorsey And His Dirty Dancing


This is the second book in the Sam Dorsey and Gay Popcorn series. The problems I had with the book outweighed the positives for me. Mitch was missing from this story and he was my favorite thing from the first book. I also really could not stand Sam in this one even more than in the previous one.

I thought that Melissa, Keenan, and Mitch deserve a better person in their lives.They were my favorite people in the first book and still were my favorites in this one. Unfortunately my least favorites Sam and Jake got the most time in the book.

I did enjoy some of the references that were made in this book as I did with the first in the series. I liked that we had more time with Keenan and Melissa. Sam definitely feels older. I just hope he actually becomes a good person that regrets doing bad things and apologizes for them like a real person or stops himself from doing them at all in the next book.

Sam commits my biggest pet peeve in real life or books and I just couldn’t handle it. I’m hoping the series can pull me back in in the next one although I really just want Mitch to move on now. I doubt that will happen since Sam Dorsey can do no wrong (sarcasm). Mitch deserves a great guy who will love him back and that is not Sam in this book. Hope that Sam actually matures more in the next book of the series.


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