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The Bone Garden (The Goreys 0.5) by Clover Donovan


The Bone Garden is a prequel novelette for The Goreys series written by Clover Donovan. This was a really interesting novelette. This is an introduction to a world that I want to read more of. Perry Gorey isn’t a serial killer. His mother is. His younger sister is a serial killer in training. If you stopped right there I would already be interested in reading it. Now add in the fact that Perry Gorey is gay and there was no way I was not trying this series out.

I really loved seeing this world from Perry’s perspective. Perry is a really great character. I love that he still has some innocence and hopefulness even when his mother kills people every so often in their basement. On Perry’s 16th birthday he gets himself into some trouble because of just following his own desire to interact with people. I feel like it’s something he doesn’t do often because he doesn’t want anyone getting too close to his family.

I love the way the  suspense grew in this story. I didn’t know what was going to happen and when things went bad they went bad fast. I also loved the relationship Perry has with his sister and his mother. The way his mother is characterized is crazy good.  His sister Violet is definitely someone I want to see develop.

I’m not a big horror or gore fan so I’ll probably be quickly reading over parts of it, but I’ll still probably go to the next book in the Gorey’s series because when do you ever get to read about what it would be like to be in a family of serial killers. Plus I love a good story with a gay main character.  That being said this story is definitely for readers 18 and over.There is some sexual content and some very gory moments as well.

Check it out here.


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