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Top 5 Wednesday | Books I Won’t Ever Read

Top 5 Wednesday

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This week’s Top 5 Wednesday is books you won’t ever read. There were actually a lot of books that could end up on this list for me. I usually just go on the book description or if someone has recommended it for me to decide if I want to read something. Description has way more weight though. The books on this list have all been recommended to me at some point or the other, but I just don’t personally have any interest in reading them. More detail on why I chose some of them in the video  below the list. Plus an alternate for number 5.

5. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas – I like some fairytale retellings, but have no interest in reading one for Beauty and the Beast.The book’s description really just doesn’t interest me either.

4. Fifty Shades of Gray – I really don’t have any interest in it.

3. The Shining  by Stephen King – I can’t do horror.I don’t watch horror movies either. Zero chance of me reading this.

2.  Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer –  I finished the first book and just can’t bring myself to read the next. I didn’t like it enough.

1. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card – This has more to  do with the author being a anti-gay extremist than it does his actual work. His books aren’t getting any of my money.

Book Reviews

Beach Patrol by Michelle Moore


This story is about jay and Dan.Dan is an oceanography student studying turtles in Playa Escondida. Jay is a lifeguard Dan meets his first night out on the beach.One night out something happens to Dan that he can’t explain. The next day has a mark on his hand and it’s possible he’s been marked by a demon.

I loved the paranormal aspects of this book. I love a good ghost story and even better if we’ve got a demon to deal with.I was surprised by how interested I was in trying to figure out the mysteries of the town.

Sometimes in stories like this there are characters who will have all the supernatural things going on around them, but still be skeptical. That’s fine when it doesn’t last too long. I felt like Dan’s progression was really natural for him. He has a scientific mind, but after witnessing the impossible a few times you have to eventually believe your eyes.

I don’t know how I felt about Jay. He has to deal with a lot in this story so I cut him some slack after not initially liking his character much. I think the things I liked about the character had a lot to do with his role in the paranormal elements of the story.I found myself rooting for him as the story went on.

The big action moments at the end felt a little rushed, but I might feel that way because of how enthralled I was with the mystery of the Mary Louise. I was so excited to figure out how they would end the curse and stop the demon. There was definitely some suspense. I wanted to see more in the ending though. I would have loved to find out what Eloise and Joseph were doing during the big scene.They were just really odd characters that I liked.

I felt like the relationships were really realistic in the story. Jay and Dan’s attraction to each other is pretty evident at first.They definitely act appropriately for the situation they are thrown into. I also really loved the direction their relationship went. This story is short, but you don’t have to worry about it being an instant romance story either. I felt like this was an instant attraction that grew to a place where they can start a relationship.

There was definitely more that could have been done in a few areas. I just wish it was longer because I would have loved to see either more development of the relationship between Jay and Dan, or information on Eloise and Joseph, or get a bit more action in the final scenes against the demon.

Playa Escondida is a really interesting town. I’d definitely want to go there. I need to read the other book in the series so that I can see more of it.

**ARC was kindly provided by Less Than Three Press via NetGalley for an honest review.**

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May Audiobook Reviews

I had never listened to an audiobook until this month. The first one went so well that I decided to look for another and that one was also pretty great. It was a good thing that I started off with books that I felt like I would love if I read them. I’d always wanted to read Like and Subscribe by Jay bell, but after downloading the eBook I  never got around to it. hero by Perry Moore is also a book that I’d really wanted to read for a while. I’ll definitely see if I can get some more audiobooks in the future. I liked being able to listen while I cleaned my house or while I was working on some other projects that still allowed me to focus on the story being told. As for the individual stories keep ahead for reviews of the books.

LIke And Subscribe by Jay Bell


Jay Bell is a really fun writer.He writes really great characters and romances that you want to root for. Like and Subscribe is about a guy that is absolutely obsessed with a Youtuber. When he meets that Youtuber in person he finds out that he might have been putting the guy on too big a pedestal. The romance that does develop in this story is wonderful. I didn’t really expect it when the story began, but I was definitely there for it.

The Audiobook was narrated by Kevin R. Free and I absolutely loved the way he did the voices of all the characters. Especially the main character’s best friend Julie. At first I thought it was a bit exaggerated, but really grew to love it. I liked the narration of this book a lot more than in the second audiobook I read.

Hero by Perry Moore


I always wanted to read hero. It has a gay main character named Thom and a world with superheroes. I loved the concept of this book. Thom is the kid of a disgraced superhero. he has the ability to heal people and the desire to be the heroes he obsesses over. After an incident Thom gets a chance to try out for the superhero league. Except Thom also has to hide his sexuality from his teammates and his father who hates gay people just as much as he hates superheroes.The parallels made between being a super hero and having a secret identity to being a gay person in the closet were great. It was a lovely book that made me wish that Perry was still around to keep writing amazing novels like this one.

As for the quality of the audiobook. The audio was really clear and it felt like the narration of some old tv shows I use to watch with my father. The narrator didn’t really change his voice much between characters though, which gave me a laugh anytime Scarlet was speaking. Still, I really grew to enjoy it by the end of the story.

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Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You


I liked the protagonist of Someday This Pain Will Be Useful more than Holden Caulfield. Unfortunately that isn’t that great a compliment.James Sveck has a lot of privilege. His family has money. They are willing to pay for him to go to Brown. James wants to not go to college and instead wants to go buy a farmhouse, be isolated from people, and read novels all day. James definitely comes off a bit whiny, but trying to follow his logic behind his actions and thoughts felt worth it to me while I was reading. It still really frustrated me.

The most annoying thing about James to me was that he was so unwilling to try to get some kind of college education. Especially when his parents could afford it. I would be yelling at this guy to  realize the opportunities he has and how they are so much more than other people get. He also didn’t offer up any other options his parents may find reasonable like if he took online courses. Not wanting to be around people his age was not good reasoning to me.

James is constantly critical of people and often correcting others. His issue with the misuse of words was actually interesting to me. I liked the way he thought about the importance of words. I think it said a lot about his character and was one of the things that made me understand him a little.

Peter Cameron wrote side characters that got me interested in seeing how James had become the person he is. You get the mother who has had another failed marriage. The sister who is just as bad at understanding James as I was. I really liked James father as well. The eccentric grandmother that James actually likes to talk to was really great. Plus there’s John the older co-worker that is unlucky in love.

I often see this book listed in the section for LGBT books , but it isn’t really one. James sexuality is never confirmed in the story or if it is it doesn’t matter. There are some great moments with his parents regarding it, but I felt like James didn’t really even consider his sexuality much even after they talked to him. Sure he has an infatuation with a co-worker at his mom’s job, but James never really expresses why.Maybe we should assume it’s a crush, but James sure doesn’t put much thought into his actions. It doesn’t seem as if it is for romantic reasons while it’s happening.He may just be reaching out for once, but not really understanding how to do it.

I think we see more that James ability to understand people is non-existent with how he treats his co-worker. He does something so horrible and I honestly can’t figure out how he thinks it’ll be okay. He isn’t able to empathize with other people.That’s where the story bothers me. There isn’t really big development for James in the novel. He annoys me at the beginning. Then he becomes a little more bearable before it all goes downhill again. By the end there is supposed to be some hope that he’ll move forward, but I felt like the story needed to go a bit further for me to believe it.

If you have the patience for this novel it is worth the read. Honestly, I feel like more people will be reading it and thinking that James needs to grow up and stop being so ridiculous. Peter Cameron has a great writing style though.I would try something else by him depending on the topic of the book. Hopefully someday having read this book will be useful to me though.

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten LGBT Authors




Top Ten Tuesday is run by The Broke and the Bookish so go check them out. For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday I am posting a list of my favorite LGBT  + authors.  Check out these authors because they are fantastic.

1. David Levithan– He is still my favorite author. This man’s books saved my life in high school. I really hope I get the chance to meet him some day.

2. Tennessee Williams– One of my favorite playwrights. He had to be on this list because of my love of  The Glass Menagerie.

3. Brent Hartinger– I love Brent for the Russel Middlebroo0k series, but mostly for the creation of The Real Story Safe Sex Project. It is a fantastic project that I wish I had written a story for.

4. Audre Lorde– This amazing woman had to be on my list. She wasn’t only an amazing writer. She was a civil rights activist and feminist that I really respect.

5. Jay Bell– Jay Bell is quickly becoming one of my favorite people. More about him when I do my monthly wrap up on my Youtube channel. Really excited to be getting a movie for one of his books soon.

6. Janet Mock – I had the pleasure of going to a workshop where she was on the panel and I was able to ask about her process as a writer. It was amazing.

7. Shamim Sharif– This woman is a fantastic filmmaker and author. You need to either read or watch I Can’t Think Straight if you haven’t.

8. Alice Walker– The writer of The Color Purple has had relationships with both men and women. Alice Walker should be in more of my list because her works are fantastic.

9. Allen Ginsberg– I love love love his poems.  His writing did a lot for the gay community when it was released.

10. Perie Wolford– Perie Wolford is a great sci-fi writer. Encounter really grabbed me and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.


Book Reviews

Sam Dorsey And His Dirty Dancing


This is the second book in the Sam Dorsey and Gay Popcorn series. The problems I had with the book outweighed the positives for me. Mitch was missing from this story and he was my favorite thing from the first book. I also really could not stand Sam in this one even more than in the previous one.

I thought that Melissa, Keenan, and Mitch deserve a better person in their lives.They were my favorite people in the first book and still were my favorites in this one. Unfortunately my least favorites Sam and Jake got the most time in the book.

I did enjoy some of the references that were made in this book as I did with the first in the series. I liked that we had more time with Keenan and Melissa. Sam definitely feels older. I just hope he actually becomes a good person that regrets doing bad things and apologizes for them like a real person or stops himself from doing them at all in the next book.

Sam commits my biggest pet peeve in real life or books and I just couldn’t handle it. I’m hoping the series can pull me back in in the next one although I really just want Mitch to move on now. I doubt that will happen since Sam Dorsey can do no wrong (sarcasm). Mitch deserves a great guy who will love him back and that is not Sam in this book. Hope that Sam actually matures more in the next book of the series.

Book Reviews

The Game Master of Somerville Book Review


This was a really fun mystery. It was fast paced and easy to read It had some great twist. My favorite thing is the characters. The young amateur detectives who keep finding things out before the cops can even if their parents tell them to stay away. The relations between the members in the group are great. the main character Jerry had insecurities that felt realistic for a teenager in high school.

Even though this is the second book in the series we get enough info on the previous book for it to be a great stand alone. I was told this before, but I felt like i would be more confused jumping into this one. We learned what we needed to know from the first one right at the intro.

At the end of the book I wished I could have gotten more from some of the characters . We got too much info on Kevin for me considering that it didn’t do much for the plot of this story. I’d much rather see more about Kate, Ash, Nick or even Jason. Maybe I need to just go read the first one to learn more on them though. Hopefully we will see more of those characters in the next one, especially since there are some questions after that ending.

Book Reviews

The Bone Garden (The Goreys 0.5) by Clover Donovan


The Bone Garden is a prequel novelette for The Goreys series written by Clover Donovan. This was a really interesting novelette. This is an introduction to a world that I want to read more of. Perry Gorey isn’t a serial killer. His mother is. His younger sister is a serial killer in training. If you stopped right there I would already be interested in reading it. Now add in the fact that Perry Gorey is gay and there was no way I was not trying this series out.

I really loved seeing this world from Perry’s perspective. Perry is a really great character. I love that he still has some innocence and hopefulness even when his mother kills people every so often in their basement. On Perry’s 16th birthday he gets himself into some trouble because of just following his own desire to interact with people. I feel like it’s something he doesn’t do often because he doesn’t want anyone getting too close to his family.

I love the way the  suspense grew in this story. I didn’t know what was going to happen and when things went bad they went bad fast. I also loved the relationship Perry has with his sister and his mother. The way his mother is characterized is crazy good.  His sister Violet is definitely someone I want to see develop.

I’m not a big horror or gore fan so I’ll probably be quickly reading over parts of it, but I’ll still probably go to the next book in the Gorey’s series because when do you ever get to read about what it would be like to be in a family of serial killers. Plus I love a good story with a gay main character.  That being said this story is definitely for readers 18 and over.There is some sexual content and some very gory moments as well.

Check it out here.


Top Ten Tuesday – Authors I Really Want To Meet

Top Ten Tuesday is run by The Broke and the Bookish so go check them out.For this list I chose only authors that are living to help myself cut it down to just ten. I’d probably ask all of the authors on this list for different tips with my own writing. I’d also flail around not knowing how to talk for some of them.

1.David Levithan– I have loved every single thing i have read from this wonderful man. I would want to tell him how much his books got me through some difficult times in high school and thank him for that.

2.Jay Bell– I love the romances that Jay bell Writes. I also just want to be friends with Jay and his husband,

3.Margaret Atwood– Oryx and Crake is one of the few books that I will always be willing to reread. I just love her novels.

4.Brent Hartinger– The Real Story Safe Sex Project is something that I am really glad exist and it’s thanks to this author. Russel Middlebrook is one of my favorite characters also.

5.Tamora Pierce– The Circle of Magic series is to this day my favorite fantasy series. I will never forget the characters, especially since I haven’t finished the follow up series yet.

6.Robin Reardon– Robin writes stories that more people need to read. I feel like I always learn something new from her books. Even if it’s just realizing something about my own beliefs. I definitely recommend the Evolution of Ethan Poe.

7.Adam Silvera– His novel hasn’t even come out yet and I am way too excited to read it. I love his tweets and his appearance on the Epic Reads youTube channel. I just want to be friends with him.

8.Rick Riordan– I grew up reading his series. First Percy Jackson. Then Heroes of Olympus. I absolutely love the worlds that he can create.

9.Perie Wolford– I love Encounter so much that I definitely have to put Perie on this list. I love his sci-fi and also enjoyed the first book in his Turning 16 series.

10. Piper Vaughn– Piper Vaughn wrote one of my favorite M/M romances of the last couple years when she wrote Wanting. Can’t wait for the next book in the series to come out.


Top 5 Wednesday | Books I Want to See As TV Shows

                                                           Top 5 Wednesday

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I definitely prefer the idea of a book becoming a TV show to it becoming a movie. in a show I feel like there is a opportunity to really cover the entire book and an entire series well. you don’t have to leave anything out because you can have each episode focus on a different section of the book. This won’t necessarily always be the case, but I like the idea of it. I’ve also seen way too many book to movies fail. not enough have been as successful as Harry Potter.Still it was really hard do come up with five for this list. Here’s the list and a video where I talk about it on YouTube is going up when I no longer have technical issues,

5. Chronicles of Nick by Sherrilyn Kenyon


I actually have heard there are talks for a movie with this series, but I feel l;like I’d like Nick way more as a TV character than in a book or movie.You’d get the time to really see him develop into the person he becomes in the later half of the series. The Dark hunter world is really great as well.

4.Sam Dorsey and The Gay Popcorn/ Turning 16 series by Perie Wolford

turning 16

Loved the first book and hated the second. I somehow feel like the second book would work so much better as a TV show. It feels like the appropriate amount of drama and comedy to be like Faking It or Awkward on MTV. I’d definitely rather watch a character like Sam than read him.

3. The Gay Youth Chronicles by Mark Roeder-


This is a series with thirty something books all about growing up, discovering one’s self, coming out, and living life as young and gay. So many different topics are hit in this series that follows the lives of interrelated characters from the 1940’s to now. The television series could start at so many different points, but I feel like it would be amazing wherever it started.

2. Heroes of Olympus/Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan


I loved  the Heroes of Olympus way more than Percy Jackson and the Olympians, but I understand you really need to start with Percy Jackson. Give it a chance on TV so that it will be done so much better than the movies did. They missed so much and changed so much in the two films that I could not stand it. I’d want it to get another chance.

1. Circle of Magic book Series by Tamora Pierce –

sandry's book

I would do anything to get this book series turned into a TV show. Honestly I feel like it would be amazing.The entire magic system in the books. Creating the world of Emelan would be brilliant. Plus I feel like you could have two of the four’s stories going on at once sometimes. Specifically when you got to the Circle Opens and the Circle Reforged series. That sounds like it could mess things up , but I believe it could be done really well. Tamora Pierce has written amazing female characters that deserve to be seen by and influence more people.  I believe Tamora Pierce does not want her books to be movies, but if she hasn’t thought about TV shows I hope she does.