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Encounter by Perie Wolford Review


Title: Encounter

Author: Perie Wolford

Rating: 4

Genre: Sci-Fi

Other Elements: Gay/Bi/Questioning Characters, and M/M Romance

Length: 117 pages

Format: Kindle Edition


This is a story about a boy and his friends that go out making crop circles to prove they are man made. There is a lot of build up in the book that I really enjoyed. The book features some major surprise moments that really pulled me in.

There were times where I really didn’t know why Ann and Mike were on the team besides needing the extra hands really or how the If I was a part of a team like this and the team lacked the trust in each other the way that this group seemed to at times I would have been out of there. They were just rude to each other at times. Nothing would have made me stay. Josh does stay and you…

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